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Magnetic Laptop and Tablet Holder - Adjustable and Foldable

Magnetic Laptop and Tablet Holder - Adjustable and Foldable

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Why should I buy this product?

This magnetic laptop and tablet holder is designed to optimize your work and learning process. With its adjustable and foldable features, it can increase your work efficiency and reduce physical fatigue. It's also useful for entertainment purposes and has a minimalist and stylish design that can create a sleek look in your office or home environment.

Does it affect the phone signal?

The magnetic laptop and tablet holder does not affect phone signals. Magnetic forces are used to hold devices in place, but the holder does not have any other technological features that could interfere with wireless signals. Therefore, it does not affect phone signals or any other wireless connections.

Does this product take up a lot of space?

The magnetic laptop and tablet holder has an adjustable and foldable structure, making it easy to store and taking up minimal space when not in use. It's also easy to carry around, allowing you to take it with you wherever you need to work or relax, whether it's in the office or at home. Therefore, this product can help you make your work or entertainment activities more efficient without having to worry about taking up too much space.

Will 3M magnetic sheet fall off my phone?

The magnetic laptop and tablet holder includes a 3M magnetic sheet that allows your devices to be held magnetically. The 3M magnetic sheet provides enough power to hold your phone or tablet in place. However, the magnetic force of the holder does not cause your phone or tablet to fall. As long as the holder is used in accordance with the instructions, your phone or tablet will be securely held on the magnetic sheet.

Product About

This product is a side-mounted phone or tablet holder that can be attached to the side of your laptop screen. With its flexible arm, you can adjust your phone or tablet to the angle that suits you best, optimizing your viewing experience.Thanks to the product's dual magnetic design, your phone or tablet will be held securely in place while also being easily detachable. This feature is particularly useful when you need to quickly grab your phone or tablet, such as when you need to take notes during a meeting.This product is also incredibly helpful when you need to use multiple screens at once, especially when working from home or in the office. By attaching your phone or tablet to the side of your laptop screen, you can increase your productivity by having easy access to multiple screens.The product can be directly mounted onto your laptop screen and is portable thanks to its lightweight and durable materials, as well as its foldable design.Finally, the product's adjustable features make it suitable for use with a variety of screen sizes, providing added convenience when using different sizes of phones or tablets.Overall, this product solves the problem of needing multiple screens or easy access to your phone or tablet while working on your laptop. By freeing up desk space and providing easy access to your devices, this product can make your work or study experience more efficient and enjoyable.

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Tillman Boyle

Apparently it is good I still do not take it out of the presentation and I do not try it.

Leonor Harvey

Magnetic Laptop and Tablet Holder - Adjustable and Foldable

Guy Lockman

Arrived very well packed and very well the order very nice, thanks to the seller

Romaine Hilpert

very nice, thanks 👍

Alize Hickle

very good and Strong. I Love it