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Flower Shaped Aİr Humidifier USB Portable

Flower Shaped Aİr Humidifier USB Portable

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Why should I buy this product?

This flower-shaped, tankless air humidifier increases the humidity level in the air for a healthier lifestyle. Its portability makes it suitable for use in the office, home, or while traveling. It is easy to use without requiring any water storage. It adds an aesthetic look to home or office decoration and saves energy with its low power consumption. Considering all these features, this air humidifier product will help you lead a practical, healthy, and comfortable life.

Does the product turn off automatically?

Customers do not have to worry about the automatic shutdown of our flower-shaped tankless air humidifier. After 8 hours of continuous use, the product automatically shuts down, ensuring energy savings. With this feature, customers can enjoy the benefits of the product while contributing to environmental sustainability by conserving energy. There is no need to set a timer for the product to shut down, as it will automatically turn off on its own. With this feature, customers can relax and enjoy the comfort of the product without any interruptions.

What is the sound level of the product and does it cause discomfort while working?

Our product operates quietly and does not create any disturbance. This way, our customers can continue their activities such as working, sleeping, or relaxing in a quiet environment while using the product. This humidifier that doesn't make any noise is an excellent option for both families with children and workers.

What are the dimensions of the product and is it portable?

The height of our flower-shaped air humidifier is 1.3cm/0.39inch and the width is 4.8cm/1.89inch, which makes it very portable. You can easily take it with you wherever you go to meet your air humidification needs. Plus, its decorative flower design makes it a stylish addition to any space, whether it's your home, office, or even while traveling.

Product About

Product information:

Model: Xiaohua humidifier
Applicable area: Below 10 square meters
Operation mode: Mechanical
Power mode: USB
Color: White, Red, Blue
Shell process: ABS
Product size: 48 * 48 * 13mm

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