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Automatic Sensor Door Closer

Automatic Sensor Door Closer

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Why should I buy this product?

An automatic door closer provides time and energy savings, increases security, and makes life easier for elderly or disabled individuals. It's also important for the safety of your pets and children. Therefore, purchasing an automatic door closer can provide a comfortable and secure living environment.

On which door surfaces can I use it?

Our automatic door closer product can be used on almost all door surfaces, including wood, glass, metal, or PVC doors. This means you won't have to manually close your doors and save time. Our product will increase your security, facilitate the work of people with limited mobility, and create a peaceful environment with its quiet operation. Additionally, its durable and high-quality structure ensures long-term use. You can choose our automatic door closer product to make your life easier.

What kind of doors can I use?

Our automatic door closer product can be used on a wide range of doors, including wooden doors, glass doors, metal doors, PVC doors, and more. This enhances the convenience and flexibility of using our product in your home or workplace. Additionally, our product operates quietly, creating a peaceful environment, and its durable structure ensures long-term use. Choosing our automatic door closer product is an excellent option to simplify your life and speed up your tasks. You can select our product to enhance your safety and facilitate the work of people with limited mobility in your home or workplace.

What distinguishes this product from others?

Compared to other door closers, which are usually large and heavy, with cumbersome installation processes that can damage surfaces, our automatic door closer is small, lightweight, and easy to install, and can be removed without leaving any damage. In addition to its practical features, our automatic door closer is designed to blend in with your door's aesthetics, thanks to its compact design that doesn't detract from your home's appearance.

Product About


Pull force: 800g

Cable length: 1.2m

Material: ABS Stainless steel

Color: Black, White

Product size: (length×width×height) 6.3×6.3×1.6CM

Applicable door types: single door, left and right door, double door.


1. Wide range of applicable types: 800g tension (8N), suitable for doors or doors with stronger closing force. For example: screen doors, sliding double doors, invisible doors, security doors, aluminum alloy glass doors, iron doors, office doors, interior doors, kitchen and bathroom doors.

2. Features: Anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion, strong, stable, wear-resistant, weatherproof, small size and space-saving, quiet and safe cutting device.

3. Durable and durable: The high-quality steel wire rope has passed 50,000 times of tensile test and rebound test, and has strong tensile force.

4. Simple and fast installation: non-porous glue installation (install and use, use after 24 hours, stronger stickiness), after the door closer is glued, the stickiness is very strong and will not fall easily. And it can be removed at any time when not in use, without damaging the surface of the object. (It can also be fixed with nails, not including nails)

5. Function: When studying and working, avoid repeatedly getting up and opening the door to improve the efficiency of study and work; it can prevent mosquitoes and flies from entering the room, and mice will not have the opportunity to enter the room to steal things, which can prevent kitchen fumes from entering the living room, which is effective Isolate the moisture and stale air from the bathroom; when you turn on the air conditioner, the hot and cold air will not leak too much, thus reducing the electricity bill and saving worry and trouble

Package Included:

1 *Door closer

1 *hook sticker

1 *Small wrench(Used to adjust the length of the cable outside the cable box)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews
Casper Treutel

Automatic Sensor Door Closer

Arvid Marks

Very good!! I arrive in perfect condition👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Enos Flatley

Everything was great for the truth for about a month in Germany, the double-sided tape in the set was incredibly strong, I first clung all on the block and stuck it to the door without thinking that I needed another part for the hooks, and then I barely tore off even hung on it (I weigh about 70 kg) I barely tore it off, So you can safely cut it in half and stick it on both parts, and closes the door very much too, slammed the first time so that everyone in the room was scared (from what did not expect this)

Emmanuel Hintz

Automatic Sensor Door Closer

Eleonore Lowe

product as in description good quality.
ordered on 19 of February I payed more for fast delivery on 26 of February and I got it on 7 of march. i was going to leave 1 star for delivery but because it came with courier at my door and didn't go to post office i give it 3 stars delivery